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December 10, 2018

Hess' Bio

Harold Hester, Hess to my friends, is a 20-year military careerist and bronze star winner from Vietnam plus 23 more years with the US Government in Washington DC. I am a combat veteran and world traveler. I have lived 11 years in Paris, France and Heidelberg, Germany, one in Korea, and another in Vietnam during some heavy fighting. I have a strong architectural college and professional background to go along with your basic Southern education in the Shotgun Lumber Mills in the 1940's and 1950's. If you ask I will tell you, “It was a time of innocence and imagination that folks called a good broad background and education for a book or two.?I have written three so far and now being retired from the work force, have all the time in the world to write and create wherever fantasies take his fingers. Many of my short stories will bring a tear and then have you rolling in the aisle laughing.

My first fiction novel, January’s Heat, takes you on a trip to the year 2020 in and around Washington, D.C. and Paris, France. My real life flying combat hero cousin from Texas is where the non-fiction Heaven’s Luck came from. It is an adventure to a combat zone in the pilot's seat of an assault helicopter in 1969 Vietnam where you see, smell, feel and experience a war zone. I was there. It is not all war, killing and dying, but life trying to survive, some loving, and some relaxed fun and time spent with an angel that has been assigned to him for the duration. I am not nice to the “Donut Dollies.?/p>

My writing is not conventional as I have my own style where I try to put you into the scenes as I let the characters tell the story. I describe a scene so that you know exactly where you are, and my love scenes are romantic, spicy, and written from both partner’s viewpoints. After writing each love scene I was always lemp and sweaty and felt even though I don't smoke, a cigarette would sure taste good.

Before the chemical affects from Vietnam caught up to me I was not ALL flaccid behind a keyboard but an ABC Masters Bowling Champion, a 16-handicapped golfer, a radio control aircraft builder and flyer, and a Jet Ski rider to match any teenager. Plus?some folks say a nice guy.

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