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December 10, 2018

Hess' Books -6 so far - see below

Our Naked Veterans - by Harold HesterOur Naked veterans - A must read for all military veterans seeking disability compensation If you are a military veteran or know a veteran with a service related medical problem this book needs to be read. For our disabled veterans the Veterans Administration (VA) is bound by law to award monthly (tax free) compensation but they will not automatically give it to you unless you ask for it and that is what this book is all about. There are no guarantees in life, especially fighting with the VA, but this book gives you a chance toward what is rightfully yours ?compensation. I followed much of my own advice and now rated 100% so maybe something in here will also help you. This book is my hard learned lessons and facts about the Veterans Administration, their rules, regulations and their people. This book is written in military style (No Bravo Sierra) language that deciphers VA regulation and BS with many added notes, pictures, commentary and sample letters that will give you a heads-up and a head start on your rightful path for your disability compensation.

Can buy this book here.


ARLEE - by Harold HesterArlee - A collection of 28 of my favorite Short Stories --Arlee is an acronym. A Reflected Life, Etc, Etc... These Short stories were all written between 2003 - 2007. A couple of them written in only a few hours but the serious stories/articles took months. Subjects vary from futuristic fantasies (just a bit of minor sex) to first person accounting of an air crises and from complete frustration of a government major agency (Veterans Administration). There's lots of information that will save, or at least prolong your time on earth. This collection of short stories are one personís accounting of many things you have thought about, wondered about or been too hesitant to think about. This book reflects parts of all living humans.

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Military Wives 1973 Cook Book

* Cook Book - by Harold HesterMilitary Wives 1973 Cook Book --There are Unique words in our American English and some of those words like 'very' and 'unique' are often missused, but that is not the case here. This new cook book is truly UNIQUE...and comes with a money back guarantee if not fully satisfied. Honest. Soooo....I know... I know... How in the world did I come up with a Cook Book? Two pretty good fiction novels then a war story then 30 damn good Short Stories all posted here, NOW a COOK BOOK. Get serious. Well I did... get serious. I promise you may gain a few pounds while using the book and also just enjoying reading it. The book is not your B&W mundane kitchen reading but a lot more such as over a 1,000 color pictures, quotes, jokes, stories and information you never thought to ask but will be happy to know. BTW ?why 1973? 74 military wives stationed in Germany during this cold-war era pooled their best recipes into a hand build and labor intensive Fund Raiser for their church. This Cook Book is their digitized/modernized efforts. What more can I say? I bought 30 copies just for myself and a few to use as gifts.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

The BLUE button is your cook book in FULL COLOR - The ORANGE button is the same book but in B&W (Grayscale). Both books are 8 x 11. Color book is coil bound soft copy. Both have 374 international and every-day recipes. The Orange button is 'perfect Bind' (glued - with spine). If I had not put this 1973 hand-built cook book together I would not give it a second thought BUT I did and I now have one I use almost daily plus others as Great gift ideas. Now..... go buy some for yourself...and others This Cook Book is that good.

Why me? Why did I do the revision of this Cook Book? Two reasons; I was there at that time and I did all the free-hand graphic/art work. And more importantly ?Many of these grand ladies are no longer with us and I wanted to do this revision in their honor to help preserves their image, their soul and their recipes for this and future generations.

WOW - what a project

January's Heat

Published in 2000 by Sterling House. Co-authored by Pat McCarthy

January's Heat - by Harold Hester and Pat McCarthy * v:shapes="_x0000_s1026">January's Heat is a futuristic adventure that features a woman of the early 21st century as the heroine, Lois, who pretty much was your average everyday woman. Her government appointed lover, who then became her friend, was just your run-of-the-mill guy, Frank. Together, the two of them test life to the limits not only through two countries, but also back and forth between the present and the future. It takes place in Washington, D.C. and Paris, France in the first decade of the 21st century, with their mentor, Harry, the director of FLoPE (Future Life on Planet Earth), making plans for them for the next 8,000 years... that is if they survive the many attempts on their lives by their nemisis, Madame Cherry, an evil and very vindictive French woman who tries poison, decapitation, and shooting to try to kill them. There's also a bit of romance that the male and female readers will enjoy as it is written from both viewpoints and with feeling. January's Heat is fiction... though if you work with or have any dealings with the Government, you just never know if it's fiction or not. The sequel is entitled Remembering Tomorrow.

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Heaven's Luck

Published in 2001 by Sterling House.

This semi-non-fiction novel has blood, sweat, sex, loving, living and dying... and some untold government secrets.

Heaven's Luck was republished as a 2nd edition in October 2010 - I amplified many areas for easier reading and added 268 pictures and images where needed for the reader to further understand what was happening. Where I talk about certain actions I have added Facebook type video so all you have to do is copy the code into your browser to actually Watch the action.

Heaven's Luck is something we are all born with- given to us by God. Some refer to it as fate, predestination, or even the "luck of the draw." It most likely directed the lives of some and made them the individuals they are today.

This is a factual accounting, with some literary license, of life in a free-fire combat zone, how the players got there, who they are, and how decisions they made dictated the paths of themselves and others through life. Many Americans and Asians owe their very lives to these crews, and helicopters they flew. Heaven's Luck is a view of two wars, their political ramifications and the "power people" that caused both.

The story follows CW4 Roger Whitley and other Military veterans through the trials and tribulations before, during, and after the wars in Vietnam and Kuwait. It is also, for some, an accounting of the unbelievable?GUARDIAN ANGELS!

Roger and his buddies felt these Angels beside them, helping where technology and reality couldn't, as they flew assault helicopters in Vietnam, air ambulance missions in Kuwait, and commercial jet aircraft later in life. Do you have a Guardian Angel? Probably! Do you BELIEVE in angels? That's for you to decide. Do YOU believe in "Heaven's Luck"?

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Remembering Tomorrow

Remembering Tomorrow is a futuristic look at the world of the 22nd century, a specific government financed organization, the world of human cloning, and a Biblical look at a clone trying to find his soul. Josh, the clone, is deeply in love with another clone but because of the rules governing his existence he needs an eternal soul and has many trials and tribulations trying to find his. Time travel, both to the past and future, is used to explain certain aspects of some of the characters. Players in this real-life adventure of love, lust, murder, science, and new physics breakthroughs range from a klutzy pigeon, to a fuzzy male clone, to lovable 12th century time travelers.

It all begins from a book that was never written.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Stay tuned for future works.. . coming soon


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